about this site

This website has been put together by a team of volunteers, who are hoping you will join us on our journey to raise funds for the hard working NHS staff as well as supporting artistes who are unable to work due to the current Covid-19 pandemic in the UK.

To join the site we are asking for a £5.00 donation which will go to NHS Charities (less Paypal fees). We chose NHS Charities as it is a national charity who provide a fantastic service to the people of the United Kingdom. The key workers are on the front line looking after those suffering from the Coronavirus disease. 

The site membership fee is a one-off payment and we thank you for supporting the NHS.

Our artistes have all given their time to record a selection of tracks which are available to download on this site for a donation of your choice. All the money raised through donations will go direct to the artiste you have chosen to support (less Paypal fees). Donations to the artistes will also help them through these unprecedented times as they are not able to work and therefore have no income.

We hope you enjoy visiting this site again and again to view and download more and more artistes as they come on board.

The site will also give you a flavour and style of the artistes as we have placed on the artistes page one or two video segments of them performing.

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help us raise money for the nhs

You will receive access to video segments by all artistes and your membership fee will go to NHS Charities

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